Paperless Close to Home Aggressive?


A paperless practice is more efficient, has less of an impact on the environment, and is safer than using paper. The Brinson Firm has been paperless from day one.

Close to Home

Located in Winter Haven, the firm is convenient to all of central Florida. You do not need to go to Tampa or Orlando to find an employment law attorney.


A lawsuit is a chess match, not a boxing match. Aggressiveness should be carefully focused, cost-effective, and strategic.

A refreshing approach to the practice of law.

Winter Haven, Florida
Serving Central Florida, including Polk County, Highlands County, Osceola County, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Polk City, Kissimmee, Bartow, Lake Wales, Haines City, and Sebring

Employers and Employees

The Brinson Firm regularly represent both employers and employees. Understanding the dynamics of both sides is often a strategic advantage.

A Clear Focus

The firm's vision is to be the go-to employment law practice in Polk County -- the right tool for the job.  The firm will not sacrifice focus or quality to be "full-service". Other civil litigation matters are accepted only if they raise issues similar to those raised in employment cases, if they fall squarely within Atty. Brinson's prior experience, or if they advance the public good.


Clear, Predictable Billing

You will never be surprised by a bill. Hourly billing can be unpredictable and rewards inefficiency. The Brinson Firm works with clients to create billing structures that align the interests of the client and the firm by tying compensation to efficiency and creating value for the client. Your lawyer should not be rewarded for churning out as many billable hours as possible.

Attorney Kemp Brinson Gives Presentation at Winter Haven Chamber

Attorney Kemp Brinson was a speaker at the Greater Winter Haven Chamber of Commerce breakfast on March 3, 2016, where he gave a talk entitled “Ticking Time Bombs in your...

02nd Mar
Attorney Kemp Brinson Gives Presentation at Winter Haven Chamber

Three Real Facebook Employment Law Cases You Won’t “Like”

Facebook seems designed to test the limits of an employment lawyer’s patience. Here are three real employment cases involving Facebook that will make you squirm, too. 1. Fired for a...

29th Aug
Three Real Facebook Employment Law Cases You Won’t “Like”

Asking for Medical Information From Employees

When and how can you ask for medical information from employees? We all know that, as a general rule, it is not a good idea to ask employees about their...

22nd Aug
Photo by Doug Waldron. Used pursuant to Creative Commons license.

You Need an Emergency Action Plan

Did you know that OSHA regulations probably require you to have an emergency action plan? An emergency action plan must include these components, at a minimum: A means of reporting...

15th Aug
Photo by Polk County, Florida Fire and Rescue. Used pursuant to Creative Commons license.

Fix Your Employee Performance Reviews

Are your employee performance reviews adequate? Consider this example. An under-performing employee requires extended leave for surgery. The leave is granted, and the employee comes back to work, but the...

08th Aug
Photo by billsophoto. Used pursuant to Creative Commons license.

Federal Contractors Must Not Discriminate Based on Sexual Orientation

Last week, President Obama amended an executive order to require federal contractors not to discriminate based on sexual orientation or gender identity. It applies to federal contractors with more than...

01st Aug
Official White House photo