A Refreshing Approach

Dear Prospective Client,

The traditional business of practicing law is broken. I created this firm to use a different approach — refreshingly different. Here are some of my guiding principles:

1. You should get what you pay for. There is no reason why attorneys should earn exorbitant fees without delivering value to our client. We will discuss your specific goals at our very first meeting. If I can tie my fee or a portion of it to meeting your goals, so we both have “skin in the game”, I will. If I can charge you a predictable flat fee that we agree is commensurate to the value of my services, I will.

2. You should never be surprised by your bill. At the beginning of your case, we will discuss anticipated fees. If things change, we will revise our case plan, together, before you get billed for something you didn’t anticipate.

3. Your case deserves my best. I love lawyering. My very first year of practice, someone shared the “Golden Rules” of being a lawyer with me, one of which is:

“Remember you are first a professional, then a business man – If you seek riches become a business man and hire an attorney.”

I never forgot that. Yes, I am here to earn an honest professional’s living, and I deserve to be paid well for my work, but I am also here because I enjoy and take pride in that work. That’s why your case will be handled by me, personally, not by a less experienced associate with a billable hour quota. And if I can’t give your matter my best, for any reason, I won’t do you the disservice of accepting it.

4. I will be responsive. If you are a client, and you call me or e-mail for any reason, I will respond by the next business day, or at least let you know when you can anticipate a full response. I will not take on so much work that I cannot respond to my existing clients.

5. I will leverage modern technology. My practice is nearly 100% paperless, backed up remotely minute-by-minute and on two separate computers. I can share every single document in your case with you electronically with just a mouse click or two. You will receive invoices via e-mail and you can pay them online via credit card. 

6. You will get the right tool for the job. I am not a “jack of all trades, master of none.” If my firm is not the right tool for your job, I’ll happily try to refer you to someone else who may be.

Sincerely yours,

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Kemp Brinson