Practice Areas

This is not a “full-service” law firm. It was designed first and foremost as a place to obtain assistance in employment law cases without having to look to lawyers in bigger cities, like Orlando and Tampa. The firm also handles other matters from time to time if they are a good fit for Atty. Brinson’s skills and experience, which include general business matters and real estate litigation.

Employment Litigation

  • Trade secret matters
  • Non-Compete Agreements/Litigation
  • Discrimination Disputes/EEOC Charges
  • Harassment Investigations and Disputes
  • Wage/Hour and Overtime Disputes
  • ADA Disputes
  • OSHA Disputes
  • Veteran’s Employment Issues
  • Privacy and Defamation Disputes involving employment

Employment Advice/Documents

  • Handbooks and policies
  • Termination evaluations and advice
  • Separation/severance agreements
  • Compliance with employment laws

Other Civil Matters

The firm will also consider matters that raise similar issues or fall within Atty. Brinson’s prior experience, but are not necessarily “employment” cases. Here are some examples:

  • Independent Contractor Agreements (drafting and litigation)
  • Developing and negotiating forms and contracts for businesses to use with their customers
  • General real estate litigation
  • Disputes among business partners
  • Appeals of local government decisions
  • Commission disputes, such as those involving real estate agents, insurance agents, and commissioned salespersons
  • ADA disputes related to access
  • Discrimination disputes in non-employment contexts

Public Interest

From time to time, the firm also accepts cases seeking to advance the public good, sometimes on a reduced-fee or pro bono basis, depending on the circumstances, such as:

  • Serving as a guardian/attorney ad litem for absued/neglected children
  • Serving as a guardian ad litem for children in divorce proceedings
  • Public records and freedom of the press matters
  • Pursuing and enforcing the rights of LGBT persons and minorities
  • Advancing the interests of non-profit arts organizations and artists, especially the performing arts